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Product ID: SBR002LP
Description: Purchase the limited edition Double Vinyl Record of the Lomond Ceilidh Band's latest album - Back on Track (includes free CD)
Price: 25.00
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Here's your chance to purchase the new ground breaking album from the Lomond Ceilidh Band. This is the first time a Scottish Dance/Ceilidh Band has released an album on vinyl in twenty-six years!! Not only is this the first of it's kind in many years, it's packed full of content to suit every listener. The band have produced a limited edition double vinyl record giving you four sides for your listening pleasure, full of exciting arrangements from the trio, quartet and the full six piece broadcasting band. As these are so exclusive, this is your unique opportunity to own one of only five hundred printed and as a bonus, each copy includes a FREE CD!!

Introductory notes:

The Lomond Ceilidh Band has produced an album packed with musical content, with something for everyone. The technique displayed by every member of the band is terrific, and the arrangements are very tasteful indeed. The band goes from a three and four piece ceilidh band to a traditional six piece outfit that demonstrate solid timing and swingy playing, but most importantly the choice of music is always aimed at the listener. There have been no short cuts here. Alan Small and all the band members have brought out their A-game and this album demonstrates their wonderful musicality with tunes such as the hornpipe "Arthur's Seat" and the reel "MacLeod's Farewell" which take a bit of playing, especially under studio conditions.

Gemma Donald's fiddle-work is spectacular. Her arrangements are sprinkled throughout the sets, and I know you'll love her singing on the quickstep; it brings a real change of feel to the album, and shows the versatility of all the band members. Alan spent many years under the guidance of accordion legend Mickie Ainsworth, who would be hugely impressed with his backing of Gemma's singing. Listen out for the fiddle solos, especially the slow-air tribute to the late Mark MacDougall. There are also some Stephane Grappelli "Hot Club de France" influences coming out on the jazz fiddle piece, impressive!

Highlights for me are the set of 2/4 Marches on track 2 with "John Carmichael's Farewell to Scotland" alongside Phil Cunningham's "Craic at Clashmore Hall", as well as the "Mrs MacLeod" set of reels, a knockout.

The variety keeps you guessing throughout. You'll be wondering what comes next as you hear the album unfolding; this is always the sign of a great recording. Leonard Brown joins Alan and Stuart on accordion for the Scandinavian polka "Alan's 12 Volter", and this shows off their ability brilliant. I can imagine the great Jim Halcrow from Shetland sitting listening to this, enjoying the tremendous musicianship of all three.

John Sinton on bass, Kyle Innes on drums, Stuart Cameron on second accordion and Duncan Findlay on guitar round off the band. Their backing of the melody line is first class, very tasteful, and as you will hear, the band demonstrates that they are totally comfortable with each other, with no-one competing for the top spot.

If you are looking for an album that keeps you on the edge of your seat; one minute sounding like a west-coast band, then a rousing ceilidh trio and onto a modern day exciting Shetland outfit, then this is definitely one for your collection.

Congratulations to Alan and the band for such a well thought-out and brilliantly put together recording.

Simon Howie