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  Alan Small - Accordion

Alan started playing the accordion at seven years old and formed the Lomond Ceilidh Band at the age of fourteen. He has competed in all major competitions across the country, winning many prizes over the years but most notably the All Scotland Solo Championship in 2002. As well as being one of the most energetic and dynamic exponents of traditional Scottish music, Alan is accomplished in a variety of other styles including classical, continental and jazz just to name a few. He is also a very well respected teacher and has many pupils from all ages and abilities, some of whom have gone on to have successful musical careers of their own.

Renowned for their enthusiasm and professionalism, the band have been entertaining audiences for over twenty years, providing music to suit any occasion. As Alan started with a classical background before moving on to pursue a career in Scottish music, his technique and precision are exceptional. He has a unique lift in his playing which produces so much life and feeling that you'll be tapping your feet, clapping your hands and dancing along in no time!



 Gemma   Donald  -  Fiddle

Gemma is originally from Shetland and has been playing the fiddle for almost twenty years. Described by fellow Shetland fiddler Aly Bain as "one of the finest players in the country" she is an incredible musician and has many accolades to  her name. Since winning the coveted Glenfiddich Fiddle Championship in 2006, she has gone on to establish herself at the forefront of Scottish music. A finalist in the BBC Young Traditional Musician of the Year 2015 she is a real asset to the band, bringing her invigorating, fiery style of playing to complement Alan's unique instrumentation. As well as playing fiddle, Gemma also plays piano and her knowledge of music across every genre adds to the innovative arrangements and imaginative harmonies the band have become known for.






     Kyle Innes - Drums

At the beginning of 2015, Kyle joined the band at the young age of sixteen and has quickly become a valued member of the Lomond Ceilidh Band. An accordionist in his own right, Kyle has only been playing the drums for a few years and is already establishing himself as one of the most talented young musicians in the country. Hailing from Auchtermuchty, he started accordion lessons with Alan at nine years old and has already gone on to form his own band playing alongside other talented young musicians. His unique style adds a new dimension to the band and enhances the overall sound. As he has grown up listening to and being taught by Alan, he has a natural understanding of the style, making for a brilliant combination. The lift and drive provided by them both are what makes this band so exuberant.